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  1. Completely agree. I got flashed in London recently while doing 20 in a 40! Scary 2 weeks to see if i was going to be robbed of my clean license. Luckily not.

    The new Mercs have cottoned on to this and have built in sensors which monitor the driver. Then it will alert them if they start to look or act drowsy/drunk. Technology of the future, but i’m sure it won’t really help.

  2. I got pinched doing 36 in a 30 in Stamford a couple of years ago. I was concentrating on learning French, listening to a French lesson CD – some old rubbish about ‘Can you tell me where the town hall is?’ or something.

    I forgot about the speed camera that I’d driven past a few hundred times to and from work every morning.

    Fortunately, Linconlnshire police had just started a system where you pay a fine and have to go on a 1 day speed awareness course where you get grossed out over the effects of people driving too fast etc etc. This was in lieu of getting points on your licence.

    I think it worked for a couple of days, but just makes you concentrate even more on looking out for speed cameras rather than watching the road…

  3. Yep. Speed cameras have that affect. Most motorists will slow down before and speed up after. A new report i just saw has come out saying that only a minor percentage of cameras even work! as well as most not being turned on all the time. Releasing these sorts of facts is just going to induce a high risk game of chicken, a game i just invented but refuse to be left out of.

  4. I must admit I do like the idea of the signs that advise motorists how fast they are travelling rather than flashing and giving them a ticket.

    There is of course the added challenge of seeing if the speed display can register 3 characters….

  5. I have had friends go up and down roads seeing what they can achieve on those signs. With out an enforcement behind them, they are pointless really.

    There is one in my area which pops up with a smiley face if you are under the speed limit. Maybe some sort of visual encouragement would help us motorists. A picture of a beautiful woman if you are going the right speed for example 🙂

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